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No matter the age or condition of your property, damp or rot can occur, so if you have any issues get in touch with us for damp proofing in Tiverton today. Left unchecked, these issues cause serious property damage. Our team can quickly assess and resolve the problem by implementing effective and reliable treatments. At Sterling Preservation Limited, we have over 30 years of experience in damp proofing properties across Devon, Somerset and Dorset so can readily identify the type of damp and recommend the best course of action.

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What Causes Damp?

Damp is caused by moisture emanating from leaking pipes/roofs, damp ground beneath the building, porous solid walls, condensation, damp abutting ground, poor pointing, uncowled chimney pots, poor cavity-wall insulation or badly fitted windows and doors. The moisture results in damp plaster, black (aspergillus) mould, damp/delaminating ‘blown’ render and fungal infestation to structural timbers. Aspergillus mould in particular can adversely affect the health of anyone suffering breathing difficulties such as asthma.

If your property has Damp issues, ensure it is effectively eradicated by specialists with 30+ years of experience. Contact Sterling Preservation Limited today.

Effective and Long-Lasting Treatment

Firstly, we will arrange a survey of your property to assess the damp and take readings of the humidity levels. We advise having specialists look at the damp as it can be easy to misdiagnose and then seek out the wrong treatment which can be costly and completely ineffective. We offer expert advice and treatment for:

Rising Damp

This occurs at ground floor levels when moisture and chemicals are drawn up the walls through the effects of capillary action. If there is no damp-proof course; or the one installed has degenerated, moisture can rise to a height of approx 1.2m where the forces of suction are offset by gravity.  This phenomenon is eradicated through the installation of a silicone damp-proof course, render containing specific additives to counter the ‘salts’ and then it is finally plastered. We also offer a 10 year guarantee against the return of damp to these areas.

Penetrating Damp

This form of damp results from storm water ingress through solid walls, porous walls, wall cavities infilled with c-w insulation, basements where walls and floors are continually surrounded by damp earth, leaking roofs, coping stones, porous chimney stacks and chimney pots without cowls.

We eradicate penetrating damp by either tanking or installing a cavity drain membrane system together with a drainage channel and sump/pump where required.

Condensation Damp

Condensation results from poor air circulation, too high relative humidity and generally too low ambient temperatures, causing dew point to be met and globules of condensation to occur on cold surfaces and areas of minimal ventilation. Stopping dew point will stop condensation and mould. Sterling Preservation Limited achieve this by installing automatic RH sensitive 240V extractors which control RH levels and do not allow dew point to be reached.

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