Property Maintenance Tiverton

As part of our damp proofing services, we also offer property maintenance in Tiverton and throughout the surrounding areas. If you have damp or mould in your property that has caused damage, our team are here to restore your property to a better condition. We specialise in using traditional materials like lime and mortar to repair and repoint walls, therefore enhancing their structure and appearance. In addition, we can also improve the ventilation of your property by adding or fixing your bathroom and kitchen fans. If there is existing damp in your kitchen, we can take out all the fixtures and appliances to treat the damp behind them.

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Lime Rendering​

Our lime rendering services are completed to very professional standards. Lime acts as a protective layer, almost like a sponge that absorbs rainfall which then evaporates rather than soaking into the wall. Most older buildings like cottages suffer from penetrating damp when the lime render is removed and replaced with cement render. We will plaster your walls to a smooth finish, all for a very competitive price.

Mortar Repointing

We also offer mortar repointing, which refers to repairing the mortar in between the stone or bricks of a building. By using lime mortar, which is softer and more porous than cement, it allows moisture to evaporate easily from the joints.

Extractor Fans

To further avoid damp and mould we can also add or fix vets and ducts to extractor fans. These fans are essential for kitchens and bathrooms, particularly if these rooms do not have windows, as they allow steam to leave the room which greatly improves ventilation.

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